Five Ideal Promotional Gifts for the Automobile Industry


The automotive industry is highly competitive. Getting ahead of the competition takes a lot of dedication and some smart marketing. Based on a study by the Australian Promotional Products Association, around 76% of people with promotional merchandise recall the names of the brands long after they have received the item. Around 55% of them keep […]

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The Sweet Deal: Confectionery and Brand Promotion

Sweets Branding

When choosing promotional products, sweets aren’t generally our first consideration. We think confectionary will be eaten, and their wrappers are thrown out. So what’s the use of giving away confectionery with your brand name and logo on them? While you may share that thought, don’t be too quick to dismiss sweets as an ineffective promotional […]

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Clean, Green Branding: How Eco-Labelling Helps Manufacturers Help the Planet

Manufacturers place stickers and labels on their products for many reasons. Many of our clients at Speedex Group do it for branding purposes. Some do it to highlight a product’s features or its place of origin. Finally, some do it to promote an issue, such as environmental protection, which is important to the company. There […]

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Business Branding Retouches to Apply When Plateau Hits

Business marketing 101: product quality equals brand. Despite the many notions about pursuing product quality above everything else, most businesses, despite having outstanding offers, still don’t make it to the top. Why? Two potential answers: The product or service isn’t really as great as previously thought The branding fails to carry whatever the business is […]

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Why You Should Take Time to Create a Quality Brand for your Company

Branding design and merchandising can make or break a business.  It is one area where it pays to invest time and thought to create an image that truly reflects your company. Many large corporations are so meticulous about their branded merchandise that they may spend millions of dollars to employ people to oversee this area […]

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How Your Business Can Gain from Branded Merchandise

Visibility and recall lead to sales. When your brand is ‘everywhere’ and consumers recognise your business instantly, you’re bound to increase sales and improve profits. In addition to advertising online and offline, using branded merchandise can lead to increased awareness and sales for your business. Consumers Promote Your Products and Services Branded products work. Hats, backpacks, […]

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